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I am Aaronjoe

A storyteller, born in Uyo, Nigeria. I love and want to see people do good, but most importantly, I want to see people care about one another regardless of their race or sex. I am here not to change the world or be changed by the world, but to draw the world's attention to the effects of music on the children of this generation and the generations to come.

   In oneness, in togetherness, in Love, I know we can redirect the direction, the tone and the messages in our music to where it’ll be suitable for the life and growth of the children in our world. Also known as “The Grand Son Of David”, I emphasize Unity, with intentions of being a voice to the voiceless, help to the helpless, and most importantly, a unifying figure that will bring peace to nations and the world at large. My faith is not in my talents/skills, money or people, but in the Name of The Living GOD, Jesus Christ.

   When I realized I could use music to touch lives, I embarked on intellectual writing of stories, that later became songs. Making music is like Prayer to me, "Out of the abundance of my heart, my mouth speaks". In the world of today where one must fit into one category or the other, I choose to stand out and stand firm on The Solid Rock That never failed me. My Tradition is Love and my Religion is Life. With my ability to captivate the crowd, my willingness to reach across the aisle and my dreams of meeting the musical and intellectual needs of my disciples, I am ready to meet the world.

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